Shane Filan Surrey-Has A New Website And Gallery Layout

Hi everyone

I am excited to tell you all that I have a new layout on my website and gallery section which you can see here. You can take a look on my website at: htpps:// – and I would like to say a massive thank you to Auri Designs- for making this fantastic and amazing layout’s for free for me.

To see the site preview you can do that by clicking here: htpps:// as its all the same preview as my gallery layout!.

Gallery Layout 


I am still looking around for for affiliates so your welcome to apply on the following forms here: but remember I code the links in myself so if you have a link back button you can send that to me too.  Also remember your site must be in English so I can accept you onto my website at the moment I really looking for musician’s,  bands and singers but if you feel you would like to be on my website then feel free to drop me a mail using the become an affiliate link.


Finally I hope you all will enjoy browsing around the new website and getting to know about Shane Filan.



The Webmistress.