The following rules must be fully accepted not only by current users, but also by those submitting their webhosting applications. If you do not agree with these rules, do not apply at all.

#1. Users are not allowed to host other fansites on their accounts.

#2. All users are required to implement advertisement codes into each page of their fansites. This requirement includes not only a fansite itself, but also a gallery, forum, media center, etc.

All English fansites are required to implement one advertisement above the fold into all pages.

All non-English fansites have to implement two advertisements above the fold into all pages. If implementing the second advertisement above the fold is not possible due to technical reasons, users may – after consulting this with us – implement the second advertisement below the fold (only if there is absolutely no way to implement the second advertisement above the fold).

Two advertisements are added automatically above and below a photo in Coppermine galleries (please refer to point 3).

Above the fold > this means that an advertisement must be visible without using a scroll bar, i.e. the advertisement must be implemented at the top of a website.
Below the fold > this means that an advertisement may be implemented into any part of a website, e.g. into a sidebar or a footer.

For more information about advertisements, click here.

#3. Starting October 2017, we have been automatically adding two responsive ad units in all galleries. Given that the requirements of advertisers have changes and the ad viewability is of great importance, one advertisement is added above an image and one advertisement is added below an image.

#4. All users are required to adjust their websites to mobile devices by running a mobile theme for WordPress and Coppermine, or installing a plugin for mobile versions of the site. The plugin for Coppermine – link. The plugin for WordPress – Jetpack or own responsive WordPress theme.

#5. Users are not allowed to run their own advertisements without prior permission. Any violations shall result in suspension and, if repeated, termination of an account.

#6. Users are obliged to upgrade their scripts regularly for security purposes.

#7. All fansites are required to have a link-back to Flaunt Network, DMCA and Privacy Policy. This include all subpages, galleries, forums, etc. You can copy these links from this file: .

#8. Hostees are fully responsible for their fansites and published material. Flaunt takes no responsibility for the content of individual fansites hosted. All websites must have a contact us page where webmasters can be reached directly and respond to all emails about copyright issue and remove all copyrighted content, if required.

#9. Users are not allowed to publish illegal or copyrighted materials unless they are given the permission to do so (e.g. photographs, porn, warez, etc.).

#10. Fansites put on hiatus must be open so that visitors may still browse them.

#11. Galleries and forums must be open so that visitors can browse them without registration.

#12. Users are required to update their fansites on a regular basis. If a fansite is not updated for a month, it shall be suspended.

#13. Users are obliged to open their fansites within two weeks after creating an account. If they fail to do so for a month, their account shall be terminated without notice.

#14. Every user is allowed to store media files on their account. These files must be zipped (.zip/.rar) and they cannot exceed 20 MB of size each.

#15. Both English-language and non-English-language fansites are currently accepted.

#16. Users are obliged to backup their fansites regularly. All fansites are being backed up every three days, but Flaunt Network bears no responsibility in case of server failures.

#17. If a fansite is not updated for more than 3 months, it will be given for adoption along with the whole content.

#18. If a fansite is hosted by Flaunt Network, the gallery must also be hosted by Flaunt Network. Hosting galleries on other hosts is strictly forbidden!

#19. Users may use their domain (their own or the one provided for free by Flaunt Network) given that the traffic exceeds 600 unique visitors daily (according to cPanel > Awstats). If the traffic is lower than 600 unique visitors daily, users may only use a subdomain for their websites (

#20. It is strictly forbidden to use traffic-boosting solutions to increase the traffic on websites.

#21. All accounts which take up more than 100 GB of webspace need to have at least 600 unique visitors per day. If the traffic does not exceed 600 unique visitors per day, users must decrease their webspace usage as to not exceed 100 GB of webspace.

#22. Users agree on running additional automated ad units if standard ad units do not cover operational costs of Flaunt Network (e.g. domains, servers).

#23. Each website is required to use pre-installed SSL certificates in Cpanel to cover additional security. In order to do that, it is recommended to install a plugin for WordPress (Really Simple SSL), activate it and mark the following option in Settings: “Enable 301 .htaccess redirect” so that all subpages redirect to https. Websites with Direct Admin need to activate the Let’s Encrypt certificate for a given domain/subdomain.

Updated: October 06, 2020.