Fansite Updates

Jennifer Lawrence Fans is now open!

Your brand new French fan source for everything on the talented actress is open and looking for affiliates! I will bring you the latest news, pictures, videos and more about Jennifer on this website. Feel free to follow the site on Twitter, I hope you’ll enjoy the site!

New gallery theme at Ben Schnetzer Fan!

Just passing by to tell you all that Ben Schnetzer Fan has a new gallery theme. I hope you like it!

Kate Middleton Brasil has a new gallery layout!

Kate Middleton Brasil is your best source in Portuguese for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Now featuring a new beautiful layout, the gallery has +25,000 photos of the Duchess Kate and her lovely family. Visit it now!

Visit Toby Regbo Brasil today!

Your first and only Brazilian source for everything on the actor Toby Regbo, best known for his work as Francis in Reign and Nemo in Mr. Nobody, is on air and ready to give you the highest quality content!

The website provides the fans with various news, videos and the largest and most updated photo gallery on the actor, among other contents that you can find on our website, including an online shop.

You can also find us and our content on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM! We hope you’ll enjoy the site and have a great time with us.

Pixeltopia is now open!

Yes! PixelTopia is back <3 with new domain your best source for high quality design at low cost. We provided the best themes and designs for WordPress themes, Coppermine themes, IconSort themes and more with best high quality designs for your fansite.

Promo! For only fansite hosted on – 30% off:
Wordpress Theme:10$ and CPG theme: 8$.

Placed you order and see my latest onliners on @PixeltopiaUs. NOW I’m Accepting Orders! Contact:

Steven R McQueen Web: New Design

We have a new site and gallery design by PinkRetroDesigns, let us know what you think =]

Opening of Adan Canto Online !

Your first source for everything on the talented actor Adan Canto best known recently as Aaron Shore in Designated Survivor is now open.
I will bringing you the latest news, pictures, video and more about Adan on this website. I hope you find the site easy to browse, and enjoy the page content including the gallery !

Adan Canto Online is looking for affiliates so feel free to apply HERE. You can also find the staff of this website on TWITTER ! We hope you’ll enjoy the site and have a great time.

Caitriona Balfe Web: New owner and Layouts

As you can see, I added new layouts to main site and gallery, so, you can go to Caitriona Balfe Web to take a look. I really love this new one. I wanted to change the layout to make the site ‘mine’. Big thanks to PinkRetroDesigns who made this possible. What do you think?

I need to check everything and add tons of things here. If you have suggestions, questions….please, write me.

Thanks to everyone for the support.

New Theme On by @PinkRetroDesign

I am proud to announce that I got a new theme that I now feel comfortable with. So feel free to have a look around the site to see what I do. You can check the theme out here: New Theme.


I am also still looking for affiliates so feel free to apply here.

Etherealism Graphic Design Source is now online! has finally opened its doors and it’s ready to help your website look its best!

I have a portfolio where you can see a glimpse of what I can do, here

I’m well experienced and I offer not only one but two different types of graphics in order to give the customer exactly what they want for their site based on their specific needs.

I would really appreciate it if you could check my site out and maybe trust in me for designing your website’s new look.

Thank you for your time!