Fansite Updates

Elizabeth Gillies France is open (

Hello everyone !! Elizabeth Gillies France is now open !! Elizabeth is known for her roles as Jade West in Victorious and Fallon Carrington in Dynasty. Check out the site and our gallery and let us know what you think. Elizabeth Gillies France Site // Elizabeth Gillies France Gallery

New layout on Camila Mendes France

Hello everyone !! Camila Mendes France has a brand new layout, featuring one of the newest photoshoots of Camila. Check it out and let us know what you think. CAMILA-MENDES.US

daisy ridley fan is now online!
Your new online source for the daisy ridley is online and looking for affiliates apply here and be sure to check out the gallery that is being updated!

L-Reinhart.Com has a new look

L-REINHART.COM, your daily resource about the talented actress has a new brand and layout! If you like her or the Riverdale, check our new look on

EmWatsonStar has new look!


Hi! After five months, thanks to katie, the look of the page was renewed, made from the series of photos by Emma 2013 The Edit. At the moment, this is the only hungarian fanpage dedicated to Emma Watson, so if you like the site and you like the actress, I’ll wait for you with love.

Lucifer Hungary has new look!


Hi! After a long time, a new look on the only hungarian-language Lucifer fanpage has emerged. On my constantly updated page, you can find out all your info about your favorite series that will continue in the spring of 2019 with the 4th season at Netflix.

New gallery layout at Emma Watson Portugal

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Hello Everyone!! Emma Watson Portugal has a brand new gallery layout featuring Emma’s photoshoot for Vogue Australia Magazine.

The gallery has over 110,000 photos from Emma’s appearances, movie projects, photoshoots, screencaptures and so much more. Make sure to check it out and let me know what you guys think.

Feel free to visit it anytime you like.


Amber Heard Online!


Hi! Flaunt has opened its first fansite for Amber Heard in Hungarian. With lots of fresh info, I look forward to visiting the site and gallery.

Imagine Dragons Hungary is RE-OPENED

Hey everyone! Your no1 source of the American band, Imagine Dragons is back! There’s a lot of content on the site and more than 10.000 photos in the gallery, make sure to check everything out, you won’t regret it.  Looking for affiliates from all over the world! See ya on the website!

New Look on Lucy Hale France

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Hi guys, your french source about the talented and beautiful Lucy Hale:, has a new theme up in the main site and the gallery. We are also still looking for new affiliates, so if your interested please apply here. Enjoy our website! You can find us on Twitter: @LuyHaleFR_.