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Welcome to Shay Mitchell Daily

Hi and welcome to Shay Mitchell Daily, your ultimate source for all things related to Actress Shay Mitchell. The site was originally published in 2015, but renewed in 2019 by a new admin. Vsit the site to stay updated on all the latest Shay Mitchell news. Also follow our Twitter (@centralshay) to stay updated their as well. SMD is looking for affiliates. If you’re interested please visit our site or click here. :)

Katherine McNamara Hungary Moved!

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Hello everybody!

Katherine McNamara Hungary moved to The site old address was

Your only hungarian source about the talented and beautiful Katherine McNamara:, has a new theme up in the main site and gallery made by Drea.

I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

I am waiting for you at the new address.



Welcome on Amber Heard Daily !

Hello everybody ! Welcome on Amber Heard Daily, your daily source of the amazing actress Amber Heard.
You can visite the website > 🔗 :
& the photogallery > 📸 :
I can research affiliates, if you are interested you can ask me here :) !
You can follow me too on Twitter @ahearddaily.

Chrissy Online Has A New Design

Your alternate text will goes here has a brand new layout! Feel free to visit our site daily for all the latest updates on Chrissy Teigen!


BillieEilishFANS.Com is online now! Billie Eilish Fansite :)

Billie Eilish FANS is your FIRST and BEST fan resource online 24/7 about Billie Eilish, with exclusive content and much more.


BillieEilishFANS.Com has a gallery, it is constantly updated.
Billie Eilish Pix {GO} +2000 PICTURES.

Thanks to Flaunt♥

New Look on

Hi guys, Your french source about the talented and beautiful Nina Dobrev:, has a new theme up in the main site made by I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

You can find us on Twitter: @NinaDobrevFR

Gigi Hadid Online has a new look!


Hi! After a long time, the look of the only Gigi Hadid fan page in Hungarian was renewed. If you are interested, I look forward to your love.

Margot Robbie Online has a new look!


Hi! After three months, one of the biggest Hungarian-language Margot Robbie Online fan pages was renewed, which was made by the actress last year’s Porter magazine photo series. If you love Australian actress, then here is your place.

New domain and new design! BYMAUU.COM

ByMauu.Com is now available!! With a new design!!! Thanks to Flaunt.Nu.

In March/April the price of all designs is 2usd, yeah! WordPress, Coppermine, Icon Sort, Multimedia, Networks, More!

Examples of my works:::: CLIC HERE {My Flickr portfolio}.

New layouts on Sarah Hyland France

Hello everyone !! Sarah Hyland France has a brand new layout, featuring one of the newest photoshoots of Sarah. Check it out and let us know what you think. SHYLAND.ORG & SHYLAND.ORG/PHOTOS