Fansite Updates

New Design

The Flaunt Network has a new layout which was designed by Maru. Hopefully, everyone will adore it. If you run a high quality fansite, do not hesitate and join the network now!

Mandatory Stramm Upgrade

The newest version of Stramm (an addition to the Coppermine gallery) has been finally released and all users are kindly asked to upgrade it. This plugin can be downloaded here.

Mandatory Coppermine Upgrade

All users are kindly asked to upgrade their Coppermine galleries due to their recently discovered vulnerability to being hacked. The Coppermine development team has released a security update for Coppermine and the upgrade to 1.4.21 version is mandatory to all users. If you are not able to upgrade a gallery on your own, please contact the support staff at and we shall do it for you.

Click here to read more about this upgrade.

Image Magick

Image Magick was successfully tested on all Flaunt’s servers and it can be employed from now on by users. In order to set it in Coppermine, enter the configuration of your gallery and do the following:

1. Choose “Files and thumbnails advanced settings.”
2. Find “Method for resizing images.”
3. Choose Image Magick.
4. Type “/usr/bin/” “when it says Path to ImageMagick ‘convert’ utility (example /usr/bin/X11/).”

Omit quotation marks (” “), of course. In case of questions, email us.

Quick Update

Hello! Expect a new layout on the main page of the Flaunt Network soon. Many high quality fansites have joined the network recently and it is still developed. Feel free to join the network now!


One of servers (server #2) is currently being changed. All data is being moved. If you happen to notice missing news or files, contact us as soon as possible and we will restore them.

Rules Have Been Changed

The staff decided upon changing the rules of acceptance of fansites. We are currently accepting fansites with an English content only. We make, however, some exceptions to this rule. If a fansite generates 1,500 impressions per day and their layout is of decent quality, we are prone to accept it.

If you have applied for webhosting and have not received a response from us, it means that you might have filled in the form incorrectly. The staff will not reply to forms which are filled in incorrectly. Sorry.

Apply For PHP Motion / vShare Accounts

PHP Motion and vShare have been successfully installed and tested. It means that PHP Motion / vShare accounts are available and users are encouraged to apply for them. Please send all applications to Thank you.


The error in Fantastico has been fixed today and the users are welcome to enjoy its features now. If there are any problems with Cpanel, Fantastico, scripts or services, do not hesitate to contact the staff at

PHP Motion

Flaunt is happy to announce that it will be offering accounts with pre-installed PHP Motion ca. December 10th, 2008. If you would like to obtain such an account, feel free to apply in December 2008. Thank you.