Fansite Updates

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Flaunt

There exist many free fansite hostings similar to Flaunt Network on the Internet. However, there are some significant points that distinguish Flaunt from other fansites hosts.

1. Unlimited webspace.
Flaunt Network is hosting large fansites, and the biggest account amounts to ca. 45 GB at the moment. All servers are equipped with large-capacity hard drives which allows Flaunt to provide its users with unlimited webspace.

2. Only one advertisement required.
That’s true. Flaunt Network requires its users to place only one advertisement on their fansites. Flaunt wishes that the fansites look good, therefore, only one advertisement is required (not two as with other fansites hosts).

3. Security of data.
All data is properly secured due to the introduction of the double backup function. Backups are stored on two separate servers, therefore there is no possibility of losing the data. Additionally, each server is equipped with the firewall which prevents fansites from being hacked.

4. Unlimited bandwidth.
Each user receives unlimited bandwidth from the very beginning. For instance, one fansite used ca. 1500 GB of bandwidth in April.

5. Media hosting.
Flaunt Network possesses a separate media server with special libraries required for PHP Motion and vShare to work. You can check it by entering,, or

Flaunt does hope that the above points will help to make a decision on joining the network.

Apply For Free Fansite Hosting, as the only free fansite hosting, offers a completely new service – a double backup of all data. In order to protect better the data of our users, all backups are made once a week. Moreover, once a week all data is copied onto a separate FTP server. Even if one of the servers has a breakdown, no data is going to be lost. All data is safe.

Additionally, ImageMagick and Fantastico are going to be installed on the newest server, S4. FreeType (needed for captcha to work) is going to be installed on all servers.

The new server is ready, so feel free to apply for free fansite hosting.


We are really sorry for the downtime today. The network card stopped working on the main server and technicians had to replace it. Everything is fine now. Sorry for inconvenience.

New Server On The Way

We proudly announce that Flaunt Network is already hosting almost 200 fansites which have generated ca. 20,000,000 impressions this month. The staff would like to express their gratitude for such a huge interest in the network. We have just ordered a new server which will be available in a few days’ time. If you are running a high quality fansite or would like to open one, feel free to apply!

New Design

The Flaunt Network has a new layout which was designed by Maru. Hopefully, everyone will adore it. If you run a high quality fansite, do not hesitate and join the network now!

Mandatory Stramm Upgrade

The newest version of Stramm (an addition to the Coppermine gallery) has been finally released and all users are kindly asked to upgrade it. This plugin can be downloaded here.

Mandatory Coppermine Upgrade

All users are kindly asked to upgrade their Coppermine galleries due to their recently discovered vulnerability to being hacked. The Coppermine development team has released a security update for Coppermine and the upgrade to 1.4.21 version is mandatory to all users. If you are not able to upgrade a gallery on your own, please contact the support staff at and we shall do it for you.

Click here to read more about this upgrade.

Image Magick

Image Magick was successfully tested on all Flaunt’s servers and it can be employed from now on by users. In order to set it in Coppermine, enter the configuration of your gallery and do the following:

1. Choose “Files and thumbnails advanced settings.”
2. Find “Method for resizing images.”
3. Choose Image Magick.
4. Type “/usr/bin/” “when it says Path to ImageMagick ‘convert’ utility (example /usr/bin/X11/).”

Omit quotation marks (” “), of course. In case of questions, email us.

Quick Update

Hello! Expect a new layout on the main page of the Flaunt Network soon. Many high quality fansites have joined the network recently and it is still developed. Feel free to join the network now!


One of servers (server #2) is currently being changed. All data is being moved. If you happen to notice missing news or files, contact us as soon as possible and we will restore them.