Fansite Updates

New Layout

Welcome to the newest version of Flaunt Network! This layout was created by Shawn Corson and we do hope you will enjoy it! What is more, we also created a Twitter account for our hosting. Head to and follow us now!

We are still working on some sections which should be finished within several days’. If you happen to notice any errors, do not hesitate to contact us!

New Fansites For Adoption With Content

There are numerous new fansites with content available for adoption. Here are the examples of some of them:

The rest can be found here. If you want to open a fansite and receive a domain with the content (news, gallery, scripts), you will need to fill in the application form.

Non-active fansites are suspended all the time, so the number of domains for adoption will increase soon.

Flaunt Network Partners With Shawn Corson

We are happy to announce that Flaunt Network has started the partnership with Shawn Corson. This means that all users will receive a considerable discount when they decide to buy a layout designed by Shawn. Moreover, we will be partnering up to provide contests, give-away’s, promotions, discounts and much more. More information – soon!

Important Information: Coppermine Upgrade Mandatory

Dear Users,

the newest version of Coppermine Gallery (1.4.27) has been released, which is why you need to upgrade your scripts as soon as possible. Older versions of the script involve a lot of bugs which allow hackers to log into your account and delete all files. Check your galleries and upgrade your scripts so as to prevent your fansites from being hacked.

Do not forget to upgrade other scripts you use such as WordPress.

Important Information

Dear Users,

we are receiving numerous emails from you with respect to various infections on your websites. Please, do download a free anti-virus application by clicking here. This is able to protect your computers from being infected. What is more, do not save your passwords in such applications as Total Commander, Filezilla or CuteFTP as this type of virus steals passwords from FTP applications and add codes with viruses to your websites.

Adopt Mila Kunis Source

Camilla, the webmaster of Mila Kunis Source, has given up running this fansite. If you are a fan of Mila and would like to adopt this site along with the content, please apply by sending an email to

Upgrade Your Coppermine

We have upgraded circa 80 Coppermine galleries today. If you have not upgraded your Coppermine yet, please do it as soon as possible or email us and we will do it for you. With your script upgraded, your files and database are safe. Please provide us with your domain/subdomain every time you contact us.

Coppermine – Security Release (1.4.26) – Upgrade Mandatory

Dear users,

if you utilize Coppermine Gallery, do upgrade it to the 1.4.26 version as soon as possible otherwise your gallery may be hacked. Older versions of the scripts have a lot of bugs which is why hackers are able to get access to the Coppermine and hack databases.

If you upgraded your gallery to 1.4.26 but your version of the Stramm is 1.4.24, you are still vulnerable to hacking. The newer version of Stramm is available so do upgrade right now.

You should also make a backup of all your databases. If you cannot upgrade your gallery on your own, please contact us and we will do it for you.

Important Notice

We are checking all accounts and fansites which have not been updated for ages are removed.

If you would like to ask for additional time, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know about it.

Fansites which are not opened within a month will be deleted.

Fansites which have failed to put our advertisements will be suspended.

There are new domains for adoption. Check the full list here.

New Server

Dear Users,

we would like to inform you that the new server is ready now. As we had mentioned before, it is the best server of all which we currently possess. If you run a high quality fansite, do not hesitate and apply!

What’s more, Cpanels which are installed on all servers were upgraded to the newest version yesterday.