Fansite Updates

Lay-Gaga.Bz Is Looking For Co-Webs is looking for co-webs. The requirements are that you must be a fan of Lady Gaga, be able to upload pictures to the gallery and also post news. If you’re interested please e-mail Debs, the owner, at

Domains & Forums

We wish to clarify some issues concerning domains. As opposed to other fansite hosts, we do not require our users to transfer their domains to Flaunt Network. Prospective users may apply for our hosting services without the necessity of transferring the ownership of a domain. If you own a domain and still want to benefit from our services, you can do so! You will remain the full owner of your domain. We will not suspend your account and force you to transfer your domain to us! In case of any questions regarding this issue, do not hesitate to contact us.

And by the way… Numerous users have asked us to create message boards. And now, we are happy to announce that we will create forums for our users. The boards will come very soon, and in the meantime, we are looking for moderators. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, do not hesitate and contact us at Good luck!

Non-English Fansites Are Accepted Again

We did not accept non-English fansites for several months, however, this has just changed! From now on, we will be accepting non-English fansites!!! If you are running a non-English fansite and are interested in being hosted by Flaunt Network, do not hesitate and apply now. Good luck!

Honor Society Duh Is Looking For Affiliates & Co-Webs

Honor Society? Duh! is looking for affiliates and co-webs! If you want to apply to be an affiliate please go to If you are interested in being a co-web, please email Cait at You must be a fan of Honor Society, must be able to update the site at least once a week, and you must contribute pictures, or anything Honor Society to the site.

HarryStylesFan.Org Is Looking For Affiliates

Your number one Harry Styles resource is looking for elite and top affiliates. No adult, wrestling or subdomain sites. Only .com/.org/.net sites will be accepted. Also, 1000+ unique hits a day are requied. If you’re intrested, please email us at with this form:

1. Name:
2. Site URL:
3. Site name:
4. Position (elite or top):

Server 2

Dear Users,
as many of you have already noticed, we have been experiencing the issue with our server 2. This is a new server which was bought to ensure that your fansites work faster. Unfortunately, the data center connected it in a wrong way which is why this minor breakdown occured. We are doing our best to fix this issue as soon as possible, however, it is the data center that must do this and we are waiting for their action now. Your files are safe do so not worry. We apologize for this issue, however, it does not depend on us.

We are happy to inform you that your fansites are working now. We wish to apologize to you for this long downtime, however, it was caused by our data center which configured our new server incorrectly. Hopefully, everything will be fine now. The new server is much better than the previous one so we hope that this fact will make up for this downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any problems following from this downtime, do not hesitate to contact us.

AdoringWatson.Com Is Looking For Affiliates is looking for affiliates. The only requirements are that you must be of high quality. No hate/porn sites or anything with inappropriate content. Please apply via our form which can be found at

AvrilLavigne.BZ Is Looking For Co-Webs

AvrilLavigne.BZ is looking for co-webs. The requirements are that you must be a fan of Avril, be able to upload pictures to the gallery and also post news. If you’re interested please e-mail Sofia, the owner, at

Rose Rebellion Designs Is Open

Rose Rebellion Designs is open and ready for orders! We are offering high quality but affordable designs for your site. If you are interested in our designs, please have a look at our packages page on the site. For a limited time, we currently have a promotional offer on in celebration of the opening of the site. Anyone can order a WordPress theme for just £12.

DreamOfGaga.Com Is Looking For Affiliates (officially featured at Lady GaGa’s website) is looking for affiliates for the’Red Carpet’ part on the sidebar. The only requirements are that you must have a .com/.org/net etc domain, a decent layout and regular updates. No websites containing pornographic/X-rated content! Please email me at with the following form. Thanks!

The form:
1. Site URL:
2. Site name:
3. Supporting: