Flaunt Network Copied By Two Newbies

This little note is to inform Fan Central, Host Fan and any other future copycats that the content and graphics published at Flaunt Network belong to their respective owners, i.e. the creators of Flaunt Network. Those who acquired reading comprehension skills, may notice “all rights reserved” text at the bottom of the page. The text means that the content and graphics are copyrighted and one cannot use it without our prior permission.

Unfortunately, it seems that both Fan Central and Host Fan are uncapable of understanding simple rules. The first host ripped off our layout, while the latter published our content at their site and claimed our materials to be theirs. If you do not have any ideas of yours and cannot write rules as well as application and ad code pages on your own, you should not open your own fansite host in the first place. How are you going to operate if you began with stealing and copying others’ ideas?

EDIT (29 October): Fan Central has removed the copy of our layout, however, Host Fan continues to use our content without our permission (cf. here & here).