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Welcome to our brand new forums! Finally, there is a completely new layout at Flaunt Network Forums. We hope that you love the new layout as much as we do. Enjoy browsing the forums! With this theme you can edit colors and make your own favourite look.

If you don’t have an account on the forums, hurry up and register or log in via your Twitter. If you’re on the forums you can get:

► free themes for your Flaunt’s sites
► sources for sites for HQ pictures and magazine scans
► quick access to different designers
► general support from all members
► find tutorials to increase your website experience
► join our general discussion where you can talk about – Music, Television, Movies, Celebrities and etc.
► you can ask for pictures if you can’t find them

and a lot of more. This is only the beginning we’ve more attractive plans to release in near future.

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The All Rihanna is back! With a totally new and elegant layout we return as  one of the biggest fan sites of the singer Rihanna in Brazil.

We are open to partnerships (alliances) and affiliations, so if you are interested just send us an email with your informations (contato@allrihanna.com).

Margos.org is accepting + has a new look


Margos has a new look, new seasonal discount (15% off wordpress media themes) and is currently accepting orders.

Margos is a design site dedicated to bring Coppermine, WordPress, collective and Iconsort themes as well as graphics for Twitter and Facebook, and they’re all tailored to the thematic of your fan-site and uniqueness.

Skydivide Designs with a new look! +Accepting Orders

Accepting Orders!

I finally managed to change the layout of skydividedesigns.flaunt.nu. It features Lady Gaga. I removed the news and the sidebars, because i think they’re useless for now.

I also changed the portfolio theme! Although, the examples are pretty old, i gotta add new ones.

Accepting Orders!

Also, i’m accepting orders! Go now and place your order!

Gia Mantegna Fan is open!!

Gia Mantegna Fan your best new source for Gia Mantegna!! Please visit and add us to your bookmarks :)

Grimm NBC is open & looking for affiliates!

Welcome to Grimm-NBC.com. “Grimm” is a drama series inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales.
Apply for Grimm NBC

Selena Gomez #1 Hungarian Page got a new look!

The one and only hungarian Selena Marie Gomez fan site got a new loook! Revival (Selena’s new album) is out (9.10.) and we want to celebrate this with our new design. Check it!

New Design


We will like to welcome all of our hostees to come and join our directory. A few weeks ago, we created a directory that way everyone can list their fan site and other fan site owners can view the site and or contact the owner of the listing. We wanna thank everyone that has joined as we have more than 50,+ sites listed so far. If you haven’t yet joined we want to join, visit fansites.flaunt.nu for more information. Thanks!

GroundersSource.com Is Looking For Affiliates

Apply For Affiliation


Grounders Source, the fan site for the CW’s sci-fi drama, The 100 is now accepting/reviewing applications for affiliates.  If interested of becoming an affiliate, please read these simple terms, and visit the site to fill in the application.

– English and Non-English sites are accepted.
– Any The 100 show or cast sites will automatically be placed in The 100 Family section (The very top)
– All others would be considered ‘friends‘ and ‘regulars.’

I look forward to hear from you.  Thank you!


Admin at Grounders Source

Your Must-Have Plugin For WordPress

Dear users,

our anti-virus system finds viruses at some accounts every day. These viruses are uploaded via WordPress scripts which have not been secured correctly. We are doing our best to remove all suspicious files as soon as possible, but we have found the perfect solution for these issues!

There is some plugin for WordPress – Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI. It scans the entire accounts and then removes infected files or the fragments of infected codes in your required WordPress files, themes and etc.

Here are some features of this plugin:
– automatically removes known threats and back-doors,
– automatically blocks soaksoak and other malware from exploiting the revolution slider vulnerability,
– upgrades vulnerable versions of timthumb scripts,
– runs a quick scan from the admin menu,
– runs a complete scan from the settings page,
– downloads definition updates to protect against new threats.

We strongly encourage you all to install this plugin and scan your entire account(s) with it. The free version of the plugin allows you to download the newest definitions. All you need to do is to register first.

If you have any issues with installing this plugin, do not hesitate to contact us.