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We would love for you to join our Fan Site directory we have here at The Flaunt Network! This is a great way for hostees to find other websites and learn more about that particular celebrity. In the directory your site’s Twitter, a bio of your fan site and about the fan site section will appear. How to join? Read the rules below:

1. Your fan site(s) posted must be a part of the Flaunt Network team. Any website that isn’t hosted with us will not be approved.

2. No bashing, cussing, etc. on comments in the directory.

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Skydivide Designs ++ New look & accepting orders! Affordable and hq!

Skydivide Designs

Skydivide Designs has a brand new clean look! And i am accepting only WP/CPG orders for now. WP starts at 5$ and CPG starts at 3$. Go on and check my prizes!

I’m waiting for your orders! :)

Affiliationally – Upgrade Mandatory!

Dear users,

hackers take advantage of a bug in Affiliationally, which is very popular among fansites. Therefore, we ask each of you to upgrade your Affiliationally to the newest version (issued on March 29, 2016).

Click here to read more about the issue and download the newest version of the script.

Iskous’ Designs Shop

Hello everyone.
Let me show you my creations! I’ve been designing for 3 years and have experience with Photoshop and codes since 2012!

I used to have couple of sites for design services but all are closed/deleted now! Since January, 2016 I offer high quality fansite themes for all of you on my Sellfy Store – @iskous. You can see my first three premades (WordPress & Coppermine) and I will add more soon.

I design and code custom (unique) themes for people! Custom WordPress theme costs 10$, Coppermine – 8$, matching themes 15$. Also, I have experience with forum platforms such as SMF, phpBB3 and I can design you very creative, mobile-friendly and unique theme for your forum. If you’re interested in my custom services DM or tweet me on Twitter – @iskousx and we can discuss everything! If you don’t use Twitter, you can send me an e-mail on

Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone. May all your wishes come true and may you have the wonderful time of the year!

Flaunt Network Forums

Welcome to our brand new forums! Finally, there is a completely new layout at Flaunt Network Forums. We hope that you love the new layout as much as we do. Enjoy browsing the forums! With this theme you can edit colors and make your own favourite look.

If you don’t have an account on the forums, hurry up and register or log in via your Twitter. If you’re on the forums you can get:

► free themes for your Flaunt’s sites
► sources for sites for HQ pictures and magazine scans
► quick access to different designers
► general support from all members
► find tutorials to increase your website experience
► join our general discussion where you can talk about – Music, Television, Movies, Celebrities and etc.
► you can ask for pictures if you can’t find them

and a lot of more. This is only the beginning we’ve more attractive plans to release in near future.

Follow Flaunt on Twitter and don’t miss any updates!

The All Rihanna is back! With a totally new and elegant layout we return as  one of the biggest fan sites of the singer Rihanna in Brazil.

We are open to partnerships (alliances) and affiliations, so if you are interested just send us an email with your informations ( is accepting + has a new look


Margos has a new look, new seasonal discount (15% off wordpress media themes) and is currently accepting orders.

Margos is a design site dedicated to bring Coppermine, WordPress, collective and Iconsort themes as well as graphics for Twitter and Facebook, and they’re all tailored to the thematic of your fan-site and uniqueness.

Skydivide Designs with a new look! +Accepting Orders

Accepting Orders!

I finally managed to change the layout of It features Lady Gaga. I removed the news and the sidebars, because i think they’re useless for now.

I also changed the portfolio theme! Although, the examples are pretty old, i gotta add new ones.

Accepting Orders!

Also, i’m accepting orders! Go now and place your order!

Gia Mantegna Fan is open!!

Gia Mantegna Fan your best new source for Gia Mantegna!! Please visit and add us to your bookmarks :)