Flaunt Network Partners With Shawn Corson

We are happy to announce that Flaunt Network has started the partnership with Shawn Corson. This means that all users will receive a considerable discount when they decide to buy a layout designed by Shawn. Moreover, we will be partnering up to provide contests, give-away’s, promotions, discounts and much more. More information – soon!

Important Information

Dear Users,

we are receiving numerous emails from you with respect to various infections on your websites. Please, do download a free anti-virus application by clicking here. This is able to protect your computers from being infected. What is more, do not save your passwords in such applications as Total Commander, Filezilla or CuteFTP as this type of virus steals passwords from FTP applications and add codes with viruses to your websites.

Important Notice

We are checking all accounts and fansites which have not been updated for ages are removed.

If you would like to ask for additional time, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know about it.

Fansites which are not opened within a month will be deleted.

Fansites which have failed to put our advertisements will be suspended.

There are new domains for adoption. Check the full list here.

New Server

Dear Users,

we would like to inform you that the new server is ready now. As we had mentioned before, it is the best server of all which we currently possess. If you run a high quality fansite, do not hesitate and apply!

What’s more, Cpanels which are installed on all servers were upgraded to the newest version yesterday.

S4 Info

Dear Users,

as you may have noticed, there is a minor problem with one of our servers, namely S4. We are working on providing a solution to this issue as soon as possible. The problem with harddrives occured and they will be replaced with new ones. It may take a few days. Do not worry, your data is safe. We have the most recent backups. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for understanding.

New Backup System

We are glad to inform that the new backup system has been introduced to all servers which resulted in all data being completely secure now.

Major Innovations

Dear Users,

the backup system introduced to one of the servers (S4) has performed well. This has resulted in the server working much more efficiently. Therefore, we are going to introduce the same backup systems on the other servers in two or three weeks’ time.

What is more, we are working on a special system which would check all the servers and their services and notify the administrators when something stops working. This will facilitate removing the problem much faster as the staff is going to be notified of the problem via SMS.

The Flaunt Network wishes to provide high quality services to their users and we do really hope that you are in favour of new innovations.

New Backup System

Dear users,

we have been working on a new backup system of your files. This new system has been already implemented to one of the servers (server #4). If it proves successful, it will be introduced to the remaining servers as well. The old system overloaded the servers pretty much which resulted in your fansites working a bit slower. The new system is much more efficient and fansites will work much faster. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Server #2

Dear S2 Users,

one the harddrives on the server #2 has been replaced today. RAID is being rebuilt at the moment and it may take a couple of days. During this time, your fansites located on this server may work a bit slower. As soon as this process is successfully completed, everything will work as fast as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dear users,

we would like to express our apologies for the downtime which occured yesterday/today. Such long downtime occured for the first time and hopefully the last one. It was caused by a minor breakdown on two servers, including the main one. Everything is going back to normal at the moment. We are very sorry for this situation, but we do hope you decide on staying with Flaunt. Contact us if you have any problems.