ARIANAGRANDE.HU /  your daily and best source about the american-italian singer/actress Ariana Grande-Butera is finally open! If you like this talented girl, visit the daily fansite about her. We’ll provide you the latest news, photos, video every day! Oh, and don’t forget to check our gallery which has already +11.000 pictures of her!

Amber Heard Online is back!


Hi! After a year of absence, Amber Heard Online, which deals with american actress Amber Heard, is back. Of course, the latest news about him and the fresh and older pictures are constantly added to the gallery. If you love Ambert and are interested in info about him, please come and visit my page.

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‘Leni Klum Daily’ is open!

Welcome to Leni Klum Daily, your first source dedicated to Leni Klum. Since the site is still new, it may be missing a few things here and there like photos. Check it out!

Leni Klum Daily // Leni Klum Daily Gallery


‘Adoring Mariah Carey’ has a new design

Hello everyone! ‘Adoring Mariah Carey‘ has a new design!  Don’t forget to visit our site and gallery.

Adoring Mariah Carey // Adoring Mariah Carey Gallery

Alicia Vikander Hungary is open!

Welcome to Alicia Vikander Hungary, your first source dedicated to the swedish actress Alicia Vikander. Since the site is still new, it may be missing a few things here and there like photos. Check it out!


Kennedy McMann Brasil has a new layout!

We are happy to announce that the 1st brazilian source dedicated to the actress Kennedy McMann and hosted by Flaunt, has a new layout to start this brand new year.

Our site and our gallery has now new layouts and everyone around the world can enjoy our content:

AemyDesign has a new layout!

Hello There!

We have a new design and a lot of new stuff: wordpress pro themes for free, desing packages, CSS codes, order etc.

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L-Reinhart.Com has a new layout!

L-REINHART.COM, your daily resource about the talented actress has a new brand and layout! If you like her or the Riverdale, check our new look on

Shailene Woodley Hungary has a new layout!

Hello everyone! Shailene Woodley Hungary has a brand new layout. Check it out and let us know what you think.