V-Hudgens.Com has a new layout!

V-HUDENS.COM, your daily resource about the talented actress/singer has a new brand layout! If you like her, check our new look on V-Hudgens.Com.

Selena Gomez Hungary is now open!

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that Selena Gomez Hungary is finally open! If you want to learn more about Selena Gomez and her career, make sure to visit us daily! We also have a gallery, which has more than 20 thousand photos! I would also like to mention that we are a proud paparazzi free fansite, so we will not post any paparazzi pictures, on set photos, or fan photos. We respect Selena’s privacy and we only focus on her career! Enjoy!


Timothée Chalamet Hungary has a brand new look!

Hello everyone! Timothée Chalamet Hungary, the only Hungarian fansite about the actor has a brand new design, make sure to check it out! Visit our gallery as well, which has over 30.000 pictures! I hope you like it!

Hailey Bieber gallery now open!

Hailey Baldwin Bieber gallery

Hi everybody! Hailey Bieber Gallery is now open. Your best source for all and up to date pictures of Hailey Baldwin Bieber with more than 31.000 pictures of her. Come and take a look!

Secret-Smile.com is back + free WordPress theme


After an offline period, Secret Smile Design is back and now hosted by Flaunt!

To celebrate our return, WordPress theme #01 has been fully updated with some new features and is now FREE.

In addition, collective themes #07, #08, #09 will be 10% off until the end of April.

Check it out and enjoy!

+ Free WordPress theme – Secret Smile WP #01
+ 10% Off – Collective #07 | Collective #08 | Collective #09

Design Garage has a new look!

DESIGN GARAGE is now offering you WordPress/Coppermine. Futhermore headers, calendars, drawing and other elements are also included. Thank you, if you visit. Have fun on the site and come back again.

Taylor Swift Hungary is now open!

Welcome everyone to Taylor Swift Hungary, the brand new fansite about the talented and beautiful singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift. This is the only Hungarian fansite about her, make sure to visit it daily, because we will provide you news, pictures and videos regularly. I hope you will like my website. Enjoy!

Zendaya Hungary is open!

Welcome to Zendaya Hungary your new fansite dedicated to the talented actress Zendaya. Here you can find regular updates, videos, a photogallery and so much more on Zendaya.  Please, feel free to visit us daily for more updates, and don’t forget to visit our gallery. Thank you for visit the site, and come back soon!

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Ava Max Land: your best new source for all pictures Ava Max

Welcome to your brand new source for all pictures Ava MaxAva Max Land will be your most updated source for all pictures Ava Max. She has a great career in from of her and we hope to be around to show you. Be welcome to follow us on twitter @avamaxland as well.

Megan Fox Archives photogallery.

Hi guys ! Megan Fox Archives is open, your photogallery dedicated to the gorgeous actress Megan Fox : MEGANFOX.US ! You can follow me to on twitter : @archivesmegan.

See you soon on Megan Fox Archive.