TeenLatest.Com Is Looking For Co-Owners

TeenLatest.com are looking for co-owners to post news on a daily basis. The brand new website wants to be able to give all it’s visitors the best visit possible with plenty of news and content. If interested, fill in the form on TeenLatest’s ‘Work With Us’ page at teenlatest.com/workwithus!

Plobnrg Designs: New design

Plobnrg.com has a new and completely different design to the past one, with fresh light colors and a new character named “Ploguie” who will invite you to its house, what we call “Plobnrg.com high quality design studio”.

Plobnrg Designs

Plobnrg.com is an online professional design studio. We provide you with high quality designs such as wordpress themes, php/html layouts, logo designs, twitter templates and more… We have 5 years of experience in coding and desinging, so you can make sure we know how to do this!


To celebrate the launch of their site, CasCreates.com is designing flash style WordPress themes for $20 and WordPress themes for $15! The designer of the site has had over 2 years in practice and designing is one of her ultimate passions. This offer lasts until the end of February so be sure to order whilst designs are at their cheapest!

Click here to enter CasCreates.Com

ShawnCorson.Com Relaunch

We are happy to announce that Shawn Corson is now hosted by Flaunt and he has relaunched his website. So check it out for the upcoming contests and more!