Win A Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush

How many of you hate brushing your teeth? Well with the Justin Bieber singing tooth brush which has 2 hit songs from him. You’ll wanna brush your teeth every day while listening to him. Let’s give you some rules, and steps on how to enter this amazing contest first you must have a parent approval if your under 18 before entering, we must receive an email saying they allow you to join. Make sure they also send your twitter username, and email so well know. Second you must be follow us on Twitter. Third you must tweet “Join’s Latest Givaway Contest! WIN A SINGING JUSTIN BIEBER TOOTHBRUSH. –“. The very last thing you must do is send the application that is below to

1. Full name:
2. Email address:
3. Location:
4. Twitter username:
5. Twitter link to tweet:
6. Why do you wanna win?:
7. Why do you like
8. Why are you a Justin Bieber fan?:
9. Questions?:

Once all that is taken care of we will put your name into a drawling. We will pick a member in mid March. So we are giving you tons of time, if we choose you and you didn’t follow one of the steps. We will pick someone else. This contest is for all ages, and is shipped worldwide. Enjoy! Good luck!

Adoring Emma Bell Is Online

The newest and first source about actress Emma Bell (Final Destination 5, The Walking Dead) is open now! You can go on and check out the all updates. Visit the site and enjoy!

Kristin Bauer Fan Newest Layout

Kristin Bauer Fan, your fansite resource about Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam of True Blood) have now a new gallery and site layout! Made by the owner Gerline, the new theme is the photoshoot taken by Kimberly Millard. For 2012, much news will come soon. Stay tuned on or!

Rachel-Fox.Com Is Back is back and better than ever, seeing in the all new 2012, I thought it was a great idea to freshen the site up a bit, we are now called, Etoile (which means STAR in French) and we have a brand new design! With all new features and a whole new gallery look, not to mention the hundreds of photo updates! I hope you like the changes! Happy 2012 everybody!

Harry Styles’ Birthday Project

Hello. You probably want to take part in Harry Styles’ birthday project, am I right? We have teamed up with One-DirectionFans to make it as big and as good as we can. Basicly, you can submit whatever you like.

– A video of you or your friends (no longer than 40 seconds!)
– A personalised message
– A photo of yourself holding a sign which says happy birthday or similar
– A happy birthday edit
– Anything creative!

The due date is 30th January 2012. We will then make a HUGE video with all your messages, videos, edits etc and we will try to tweet the video to Harry. He will be on his flight on America on his birthday, but that doesn’t mean that he will not see it! Make sure to submit at least a nice message! Is Looking For Staff is looking for help. You will need experience with WordPress and Coppermine Gallery. If you are interested please email me at with a filled form below:

Current sites/work:


New Layout At Whitney Port Daily

Whitney Port Daily is back with a brand new layout and many more updates to come! So check out the new layout and let us know what you think! Also, we are looking for elite and top affiliates. Do you want to be affiliates with Whitney Port Daily? Just go here to apply!

New Layout At Harry Styles Fan Photo Gallery

HarryStylesFan’s photo gallery is now looking fresh in time for the 2012! The layout was made by the amazing Kieran and it features one of the latest One Direction photoshoots by Perou. The gallery is by far the biggest and most HQ gallery on Harry Styles out there, however, your donations will not kill us! Any photos, from pictures with fans to magazine scans will be appreciated and you will be given full credit if the images are emailed to

OneDirectionFans.Net Grand Re-Opening

Welcome to OneDirectionFans.Net! We are your hottest source to your favorite boy-band, One Direction! I am Akanksha, the new owner of ODF, and I promise you regular updates, photos, media and lots of exciting stuff for you to browse through. Although, I need a little time to cover up the missing photos from the gallery. Make sure you check out all our networks! I am really excited to work on the site. All the layouts and coding were done by me throughout the site. I’d also like to thank Flaunt for hosting us. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook and subscribe on Youtube! Keep visiting us daily!

Oh Watson Opening

Welcome to the Oh Watson opening – your new source for the amazing actress from “Harry Potter,” Emma Watson. We aim to bring the latest news, images and more, we have still lots to add so please keep checking for updates. We are always welcome to donations (especially photoshoots & magazines) and give out FULL credit so email us your donations to