Dev World Daily Is Looking For Co-Webs

Hey! Our fansite dedicated to the singer DEV (who we absolutely love!) is looking for a new co-web! This Person MUST be a fan of Dev and be able to post news and upload images to the gallery. This person must also be familiar with WordPress, FTP, cPanel, etc. Anyone interested? Please email us at and we will go from there!

Win Justin Bieber’s New Album ‘Under The Mistletoe’

Justin Bieber is gonna release his new album Under The Mistletoe on November 1st. Now some people don’t have money to buy his new album. This is what the Justin High Quality Team is gonna do. We are going to have a contest until his new album hit’s stores. Who ever win’s gets a copy of his album.

To enter the contest you must be following our twitter @JustinHQ. If you are not following us you won’t be entered in the contest. Once you followed us please email the following application.

1.) Full Name: ______________________________________________________
2.) Email Address: __________________________________________________
3.) City/State: _____________________________________________________
4.) Does your parent have an email? _________________________________
4.) If so what is it? _______________________________________________
5.) Twitter Username? _______________________________________________
6.) Why are you a Justin Bieber Fan? ________________________________
7.) Do you have any questions? ______________________________________

After you filled out the application, you will receive a number that you would need to save somewhere. After the contest is over, we will post the # on this post, and you’ll receive an email from the team. For right now this is for United States residents only, if you would like you country added. Email us at Thanks and have fun, and note that the information sent to use won’t be public only the admin will have it.

LoganHenderson.Org Is Currently Looking For Staff your number one Logan Henderson Fansite is currently looking for staff , so if you love Logan , and know a bit of html (wordpress/coppermine) , you’re perfect for the site ! , Just send this form to

HTML: Yes/No
How often can you update the site ?

Do you know how to create albums?
Do you know how to upload pics ?
Do you know how to create categories?
How often can you update the gallery ?

WordPress + Coppermine:
Do you know how to create albums?
Do you know how to upload pics ?
Do you know how to create categories?
How often can you update the gallery/site ?

SelGomez.Biz Is Now Open

The owner of has opened up a new fansite of Selena Gomez. She provides you with the latest photos, news, information, media, etc from Selena Gomez. We would love for you to head on over for all the latest daily news of Selena. Thank you <3

Admiring Emilia Fox Is Now Open

Admiring Emilia Fox is your newest source for british actress Emilia Fox, probably most known from her role as Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness or Morgause in Merlin! We are here to offer you a daily dose of everything Miss Fox, including news, interviews, photos and more. For all the latest updates, do follow us on twitter @admiringemilia, enjoy!

Nicki-Minaj.Org Seeks New Co-Webs

William, the webmaster of Nicki-Minaj.Org, is looking for new co-webs who could help him run his Nicki Minaj’s fansite. If you are a fan of Nicki Minaj and have some experience with WordPress/Coppermine Gallery, do not hesitate and apply now by emailing us at

JustinHQ.Net Is Looking For Affiliates also known as Justin High Quality is looking for elite affiliates with any high quality website. These cannot be .webs, etc. They must be a domain. Please email us with the following application. Thanks and have a great day.

The application:
1. Full name:
2. Site’s URL:
3. Site’s name:
4. Celebrity:
5. Note: If you are not accepted do you wanna be tops?

V-Carlton.Net Is Looking For Co-Webs

Vanessa Carlton Fans is proud to announce the TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our fansite! Two strong years of bring Vanessa Carlton fans together! Because our site is getting bigger, we are looking for staff members who are dedicated and are looking for a friendly site to be apart of. We are in search of co owners, a multimedia member, and a photo member. email us at to apply.

WE ARE ALSO HAVING A CONTEST! We are giving away a limited edition Signed Vanessa Carlton poster! The poster is numbered 125 out of 500! Check out the site on how to win this awesome poster!

SelenaMarieGomez.Org & JustinHQ.Net is a fansite dedicated to Justin Bieber. We strive to give you the latest news, videos and even more. We started the site back in May and has been getting bigger and bigger everytime it’s getting updated along with which got opened on her birthday. Me (Francisco) will be looking for co-owners who will be able to update at least two times a day. So if your a fan of one them apply.

You must know a lot of experience with wordpress please do not apply if you don’t. Second you must know how to resize photos to 500×200 and edit them a little. Third you must know HTML. Forth you have to update two times a day or at least one, but were aiming for two.

Below is a form. Please copy it and paste it on the email your gonna send to us than just fill the blanks in and send the message to if you wanna help with the Justin Bieber site or for the Selena Gomez site.

1) full name,
2) username,
3) experience,
4) HTML,
5) do you know English and can type well,
6) comments.

Simply Jordin Online Looks For Staff Members

I am very proud to announce that Simply Jordin Online is now officially open! We are back with a whole new main site layout and a whole new galllery filled with 1,000+ photos! We are happy to finally have the site open after having several months of technical difficulties with the site. At the moment, there is only one person running the site and I am looking for several staff members.

To be able to be a staff member you should know how to use the following:
• basic Photoshop,
• WordPress,
• proper grammar.

You may apply by sending the application below to

The application:
• your name,
• your age,
• why do you want to be part of Simply Jordin Online,
• do you have experience with the listed requirements,
• example of your sites/blogging,
• anything else.