Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson Project Is Up

There is a great promotion at happybdayrpattz.com! Follow @BDRPattzProject to win T-shirts with Rob caricature in “Bel Ami” and “Cosmopolis” plus bottons. Just tweet the following:

@BDRPattzProject will give me prizes for the Happy Bday Rpattz! #HappyBdayRpattzProjecthttp://kingo.to/13TE.

SportsCental Wants More Views

SportsCentral.Flaunt.Nu wants and needs more viewers and visits, so please anyone please visit this amazing site it is daily updated with everything your sports brain needs and always check back at the site daily because it updated every single day!

JustinHQ.Net Is Looking For Co-Owners

JustinHQ.net, your number one and most updated Justin Bieber fan site, is now searching for co-owners, who are willing to update daily. You’ll be set as an editor if you get accepted, you’ll need to know how to use Photoshop, WordPress so don’t apply if you don’t know how. Please email justinhqdotnet@gmail.com with the subject as ‘JustinHQ.net Team’ if your interested. Please note we do not give away Twitter logins if you would like to tweet to our twitter @JustinHQ there is a place for that in WordPress. We are also strict on the post, please make it very professional. Don’t worry if you get accepted we will give you more details on this.

JustinHQ.net, previously known as JustinBieberDaily.net, is your number one source for Justin Bieber news, photos, videos and even more. JustinBieberDaily.net was to provide the Beliebers almost everything of Justin Bieber. Later on May 22nd, 2011 the site url changed to a much shorter domain where people can find us a lot easier, JustinHQ.net. Every since then the site has been get hugger and hugger being on the most popular websites on the web such as ClevverTV, OceanUP, TheBieberArmy.com, DisneyInfoNet.com and so much more. A few months later, Justin Bieber followed the site’s Twitter @JustinHQ and the site grew even larger, as well as our Twitter which got over 800 followers after he followed the site’s Twitter.
As of 2012, Justin High Quality has been your number one source for Justin Bieber news, photos, videos and more and is the most updated site on the web getting over hundred’s of daily hits, and receiving the bestest feedback from the fans saying they go to this site a lot, because they love how it’s updated daily. If you would love to learn more please contact an administrator and they will be glad to tell you more from there. Remember if you want a quick response please label the tab subject to “Wanna know more about JustinHQ.net” and we’ll know from all the emails we get you just wanna know more about the site. Click here to shoot us an email. Have a great day!

New layout At One Direction Web

One Direction Web has a brand new look thanks to the talented Yukiko. Please go check it out. Applications for family sites, elite and top affiliates are open, so please apply. The layout is very simple but the slider makes it look really good. Please check out the site.

JustinHQ.Net: Welcome To Version 6 Celebrating Justin’s Newest Single “Boyfriend”

After Justin releasing his new single, we’ve decided to have another theme dedicated towards it. The fantastic layout was designed by the talented Shawn Corson. As you may have notice we don’t have a fan chat box any longer, reason being is there was to much spam on it, and people mainly used it to apply for affiliates, or advertise their sites, other than that we’ve been adding new stuff lately so keep coming back to us and make sure to bookmark us as your favorite and best updated Justin Bieber source online. We are also accepting elite affiliate with sites that are high quality and have at least over 200 daily hits to apply email us at justinhqdotnet@gmail.com.

If there are any features that are not working well for you, please let us know. Do you like this layout better than the rest? Please leave your comments below on what you think of the new layout.

New Gallery Layout At One Direction Web

One Direction Web has a new gallery theme. This gallery theme was designed by Jea of One Direction Web. The base codes are by Rain On Me Designs. I hope you like it. Thanks!

E-Stone Daily Is Now Open

E-Stone Daily is open and would like to have some affiliates, so please apply if you are intrested. The gallery still needs a big update though.

One Direction Web Is Finally Open

One Direction Web is finally open! 1DW is a growing fan site for One Direction. Get to know the sexy British-Irish boy band and what is a day in the life of a One Direction member. Also, you can check out their tour dates and see if they are coming to a city near you. We strive to give you the latest 1D news daily so we hope you check 1DW out really often. We badly need elite & top affiliates so please apply.

New Photo Gallery Theme At Ben Barnes Brasil

O Ben Barnes Brasil possui um novo belo tema na galeria e eu espero que vocês gostem! Vejam no benbarnes.com.br/photos ou no benbarnesphotos.com orgulhosamente hospedado pelo Flaunt, Obrigada!

Ben Barnes Brasil has a beautiful new theme in the gallery and I hope you like it! Look at benbarnes.com.br/photos or benbarnesphotos.com proudly hosted by Flaunt. Thank you!

Lauren Conrad Web Is Finally Open

Hello everybody! After weeks of hard work, Lauren Conrad Web is finally open! On this brand new fansite about the former reality star, you can find all the latest news, tons of information and much more about her. We also have a gallery with already +2,500 pictures. Also, we are looking for elite and top affiliates. Do you want to be affiliates with Lauren Conrad Web? Just go here to apply! We hope you like Lauren Conrad Web and you will visit the site again.