Daily Victoria Justice has a new look!

Hi everyone! Your brand new source for actress and singer, Victoria Justice, has a brand new design so feel free to check it out. We are also currently working on updating our gallery and adding more photos all the time! You can check them out at the links below.


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Reopening on Dakota Johnson France

Welcome to Dakota Johnson France, the French source on American actress Dakota Johnson. You will find on the site many photos, videos and other media but also all the news of the actress. Have a good visit!

Check out: dakotajohnson.sosugary.com & dakotajohnson.sosugary.com/photos.

Votre source française sur l'actrice américaine Dakota Johnson

Bebe-Rexha.Org is (re)opened!

BEBE-REXHA.ORG /  your daily and only resource about the American/Albanian singer, Bleta ‘Bebe’ Rexha is finally reopened! If you like this talented girl, visit the daily fansite about her. I’ll provide you latest news, music, photos, video every day!

Timothée Chalamet Hungary has a new look!

Timothée Chalamet Hungary

Hello everyone! Timothée Chalamet Hungary, the only Hungarian fansite about the actor has a brand new design, make sure to check it out! Our gallery has also been updated, and now you can find more than 27,400 pictures if you visit it!

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Timothée Chalamet Hungary

BillieEilishFans.COM with new design!! + looking for affiliates.

billie eilish fansite

BILLIEEILISHFANS.COM look for affiliates !! you can apply from the site or by sending a message to billieeilishweb(@)gmail.com

visit our photo gallery  BILLIE EILISH PIX  3000+ pictures.

Victoria Pedretti Network is now open!

Hello, everyone! Victoria Pedretti Network is now online! I am so happy to finally open this fansite after being a fan of Victoria since 2018 when I watched “The Haunting of Hill House”. Our gallery has over 10,000 photos of Victoria so make sure to check it out! I have added photos of appearances, photoshoots, TV productions and screencaptures from interviews. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay in touch with us. We are also looking for affiliates so if you are running a fansite and would like to be affiliated fill in this form. Look around and enjoy your stay at Victoria Pedretti Network!

Lili Reinhart Online has a new look!

Hi everyone ! On April 7, 2020 Lili Reinhart Online turned one year old. To celebrate, I created a new theme for the site and the gallery, feel free to check it out!


PS: Affiliation requests are always open on Lili Reinhart Online so don’t hesitate to send one.

New Layout Kourtney Kardashian Daily

Hi guys! Kourtney Kardashian Daily finally has a new layout! Go check out our new layout on kourtney-daily.com & kourtney-daily.com/gallery.
Design by MPECreatives

We have cleaned up our affiliates, and looking for new ones! So if you are interested in being one you can apply here.

Gaga Pop is looking for affiliates


Gagapop.com is looking for affiliates. Do not hesitate to apply! Also, we have a new logo and a new banner from Lady Gaga’s new single Stupid Love.

Team Katy Perry Brasil Especial: Unreleased

Hi, KatyCats.

We’ve made a quarantine special of 40 Katy Perry’s unreleased songs that she wrote, some of which were recorded by other artists like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Kelly Clarkson. You can listen to all of it below.

(A) Katy Perry


Passenger, Breakout e more

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