AVA MAX LAND – Available to sell

Ava Max Land is now looking for a new owner, email here.

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Gisele Brasil is available for adoption

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GiseleBrasil.com, a fansite dedicated to the Brazilian SuperModel Gisele Bundchen is avaliable for anyone interested on running it. The fansite is already started, counting with the website itself and the gallery. If you’re interested on owning it, please send an e-mail to contato@giselebrasil.com.

Sarah Hyland France

Hello everyone.
I am the owner of Sarah Hyland France, a bilingual source about Sarah, that works very well.
This year, my studies don’t allow me to take good care of it, so I am looking for a new webmaster.
If you are interested, please, hit me up : sarahhylandfrance@hotmail.fr.

Thank you !

Looking for a new website ?

Hello everyone !

I own grant-gustin.com & the-100.net and I am looking for people willing to “adopt” them.

Those are babies and will have new versions soon.

Indeed, I am having a very busy year and can’t take care of them alone…

So please, send me an eMail : nawelspams@hotmail.fr and I will tell you everything you need to know.


Thank you !

Grant Gustin Source – Looking for a coweb !

Hello Flaunters !

In love with Grant Gustin, I opened grant-gustin.com almost two years ago. Unfortunately, with my studies, it has become very difficult to take are of it (and my others website) by my own. That is why I am looking for someone to help me ! He does not have a lot of news, if it can reassure you. If you are interested, do not hesitate to write me at nawelspams@hotmail.fr


Thank you !

Adopt Justin-Bieber.Net!

Any Justin Bieber’s fans there? We have a premium domain for a future Justin Bieber’s fansite. It’s www.justin-bieber.net!!! Do you want to adopt it? Apply at h e r e.

Domains For Adoption

We would like to encourage you to follow our profile on Twitter. If you do this, you will be immediately informed about any novelties at Flaunt Network and you will know which domains are currently available for adoption. We are checking all fansites at the moment and removing inactive or not updated fansites. What is more, we removed expired domains from the adoption list which is why the list should be more or less up-to-date. Each domain for adoption will include a piece of news confirming that this particular domain is for adoption indeed.

Adopt Caroline-Sunshine.Com

Madison, the former owner of Caroline-Sunshine.Com, has decided to give up running this fansite. If you are a fan of Caroline and you are interested in adopting this domain along the whole content (including +6,700 images in the gallery), fill in the application form. Good luck!

Adopt NickJFan.Com

Ally, the webmistress of NickJFan.Com, has given up running this fansite which is why the domain is available for adoption along with the whole content. Apart from readable information, you may also adopt +45,000 gallery. If you are a fan of Nick Jonas, do not hesitate and apply now!!

This domain has already been adopted.

Adopt Ben-Hellingsworth.Com

Peter, the webmaster of Ben-Hollingsworth.Com, has decided to give up running this fansite. If you are a fan of Ben, feel free to adopt this site with the content, including +2,800 gallery! Fill in the application form and do not forget to attach the samples of your works!