5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Flaunt

There exist many free fansite hostings similar to Flaunt Network on the Internet. However, there are some significant points that distinguish Flaunt from other fansites hosts.

1. Unlimited webspace.
Flaunt Network is hosting large fansites, and the biggest account amounts to ca. 45 GB at the moment. All servers are equipped with large-capacity hard drives which allows Flaunt to provide its users with unlimited webspace.

2. Only one advertisement required.
That’s true. Flaunt Network requires its users to place only one advertisement on their fansites. Flaunt wishes that the fansites look good, therefore, only one advertisement is required (not two as with other fansites hosts).

3. Security of data.
All data is properly secured due to the introduction of the double backup function. Backups are stored on two separate servers, therefore there is no possibility of losing the data. Additionally, each server is equipped with the firewall which prevents fansites from being hacked.

4. Unlimited bandwidth.
Each user receives unlimited bandwidth from the very beginning. For instance, one fansite used ca. 1500 GB of bandwidth in April.

5. Media hosting.
Flaunt Network possesses a separate media server with special libraries required for PHP Motion and vShare to work. You can check it by entering video.simplystreepmedia.com, twilight-media.org, or keiravideos.net.

Flaunt does hope that the above points will help to make a decision on joining the network.