Win Justin Bieber’s New Album ‘Under The Mistletoe’

Justin Bieber is gonna release his new album Under The Mistletoe on November 1st. Now some people don’t have money to buy his new album. This is what the Justin High Quality Team is gonna do. We are going to have a contest until his new album hit’s stores. Who ever win’s gets a copy of his album.

To enter the contest you must be following our twitter @JustinHQ. If you are not following us you won’t be entered in the contest. Once you followed us please email the following application.

1.) Full Name: ______________________________________________________
2.) Email Address: __________________________________________________
3.) City/State: _____________________________________________________
4.) Does your parent have an email? _________________________________
4.) If so what is it? _______________________________________________
5.) Twitter Username? _______________________________________________
6.) Why are you a Justin Bieber Fan? ________________________________
7.) Do you have any questions? ______________________________________

After you filled out the application, you will receive a number that you would need to save somewhere. After the contest is over, we will post the # on this post, and you’ll receive an email from the team. For right now this is for United States residents only, if you would like you country added. Email us at Thanks and have fun, and note that the information sent to use won’t be public only the admin will have it.