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Dead of Summer Brasil is now online and looking For affiliate

The new series of freeform won a fansite in Brazil, now go, and stay on top everything that will happen in the new series of drama / horror from the creators of Lost and Once Upon a Time.

For Affiliate:

Hayden Panettiere France has a new look

Hello everybody, Hayden Panettiere France, your #1 fansite about Hayden Panettiere has now a new look thanks to Lilianne and Flaunt ( You can also apply for affiliation here and you can follow the website on Twitter and Facebook.

Lauren Bennett Fan has a new look!

New layout on Lauren Bennett Fan, the french source about the singer Lauren Bennett! I have all the news and pictures about her everyday. If you want to visit me please check my website and affiliate with me: Keep up to date and follow me on Twitter. Thank you!


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I am happy to anounce that SELENAGOMEZDAILY.NET is now open with a new post (GQ MAGAZINE PHOTOSHOOT)! I am looking for affiliates :) You can contact me : here ♥ Thank you!

Lauren Cohan France Now Open!

Hello guys! Lauren Cohan France at is now open and is looking for affiliates! Lauren is more know for her role in Supernatural, Chuck, The Vampires Diaries but mainly as Maggie Greene in the AMC series The Walking Dead. We are your one and only french fansite about her! Come visiting us!


> Lauren Cohan France ON FACEBOOK
> Lauren Cohan France ON TWITTER

Looking For Affiliate

Hi everyone

As you can see I am looking for affiliates if you want to become one click on this link below:

Click Here

Or you can click here if the thumbnail picture link doesn’t work:


I have a couple of rules and they are:

1. I am preferably looking for English sites only.
2. You must be a site owner of a singer, song writer or done a site for a band. (I am not looking for any actors or actresses yet I will let you know about that on my website)
3. You can contact me through the form or if that don’t work there’ll be other ways you can contact me when I get time to put that down on my website.
4. Your site must be a safe guarding website and have no bugs or malware linked to it or that wont be accepted on my site if it has any of those bugs I listed.

I hope you all enjoy your stay.



The Webmistress

Kat McNamara Network is now online!

Hey everyone! Kat McNamara Network is now up and running! Currently we are using a temporary layout, soon we’ll have a new and improved look that will be the first official version of the fansite. We are new but our gallery already has over 1000+ pictures with just one day online, so expect way more to come. We are currently looking for affiliates, so if you would like to join our affiliates list please apply here.
Also, I am looking for co-webs, so if you would like to join our team you can apply here.
I hope you enjoy our website as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Emma Roberts Daily is now open!

Emma Roberts Daily


I am happy to announce that Emma Roberts Daily is now opened! I am looking for affiliates too! We don’t have a submit form YET, but you can contact me through my e-mail: Click here.

Visit our photo gallery too: Gallery.

– Emma Roberts Daily New Theme + New Discounts

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Margos has a new look and until May 10th every single package is 10% off!

So you can order your WordPress, Coppermine, Iconsort themes and more with that discount.

Margos has been offering affordable, unique and HQ themes and designs for three years now! Check out the examples and place your order.

Skydivide Designs ++ New look & accepting orders! Affordable and hq!

Skydivide Designs

Skydivide Designs has a brand new clean look! And i am accepting only WP/CPG orders for now. WP starts at 5$ and CPG starts at 3$. Go on and check my prizes!

I’m waiting for your orders! :)