Fansite Updates is re-opened and looking for affiliates.

Hey everybody! is re-opened. So, I want to invite you to check our new look, thanks to . This is your #1 source for russian supermodel, Irina Shayk. Here you will find the lastest images and news. We have more than 33,000 photos on our gallery and we upload more almost everyday. Also, we are looking for affiliates, so please, apply here. And check our website daily.


New look + New prices + Open orders

Auri Designs now has a new look and new prices. Take a look at my onliners and if you like then send your order :)

Auri Designs

Dylan O’Brien Source Has a New Owner and Look!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that Dylan O’Brien source is now being maintained by Belle and I have an amazing and awesome new look online so check it out! We are looking for affiliates, so if you want to, you can APPLY HERE to become an affiliate.

Hugh Jackman France is now open

Hugh Jackman France your french source about Hugh Jackman is now open. Hugh is currently in “X-Men” and “Wolverine” films in the role of Logan/Wolverine. We are currently looking for affiliates so please feel free to apply here! I would be delighted to welcome you on the twitter site.

New Version By @flauntnu & @Lilianne815

Hello, I present the new version for the Site about @AnaBBOfficial. I really would like to thank @flauntnu & @Lilianne815 for free design for Flaunt. Soon for new information on Ana Beatriz Barros.

You can follow the website on Twitter @AnaBBSource.



DEMILOVATO.US has a new design!

Your number #1 Hungarian source about the wonderful Demi Lovato, DemiLovato.Us has a whole new layout! Our website celebrate it’s first anniversary as well. Visit us for the latest news & pictures about Demi, and follow us on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER too.

Bryce Dallas Howard France has a new look!

Bryce Dallas Howard France celebrates its 6 months and for the occasion got a new design! Check it out now and feel free to tell me if you like it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Also, if you like the site, feel free to apply to become an affiliate to BDHFrance! I’d be more than pleased for our sites to become affiliates!

I hope you enjoy it! is now open!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to your #1 online source for everything Rihanna! Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you will come back! Make sure to follow us on Facebook.

Sveva Alviti Daily is online!

Welcome to Sveva Alviti Daily, your 24/7 online and leading source dedicated to italian actress and model Sveva Alviti. She was revealed through her future role of Dalida in the biopic of the same name, which will be released in french cinemas in January 2017. On this website, you will find all you need to know about your new idol including a picture gallery, the latest news, videos and much more. I hope you enjoy your stay and will visit SAD back soon.

Celine-Dion.Org has a NEW look!

Hello everyone! Well I wanted to officially share with you all a brand new look for the site. The header was made by: HeadersOnline and theme Sweet Revelation. This header I would say is in dedication to Celine’s husband Rene Angelil who passed away this year hence the circle of photos in the center of the header. I love this header so much. The site also did some tweaking hope you guys like it. I’m looking for elite partners. What I look for most is someone who is active and engaging on their sites. I would love singers because well Celine is a singer BUT hell anyone who is engaging on their sites: tweet at me.  The site is on instagram. I post daily edits.: @CelineDionOrg  (I’m still in the process of doing some more tweaks to the site to make it look better)