Fansite Updates

Amber Heard Daily has a new design !

Hey everyone ! Amber Heard Daily as a new design ! You can visit the website & the photogallery

You can follow me too on twitter : @ahearddaily. See you soon on Amber Heard Daily.

Julianne Hough France as open !

Hello Guys. Julianne Hough France is now open ! Can you see the website : & the photogallery :

You can see it the latest news & pictures of the amazing actress, dancer & singer Julianne Hough. You can follow me too on twitter : @FRJulianneHough.

See you soon on Julianne Hough France.

Cherry Gem Design: Now open!

Hello everyone! Cherry Gem Design finally moved from tumblr after 5 years to have his own domain. is now open, and orders are so! If you have a fansite, do not hesitate to take a look at my portfolio and order for high quality and affordable WordPress and/or Coppermine themes or just headers if you already have your own theme. Be sure to check out my packages as I also offer other graphics. :)


If you have a twitter account for your fansite, I also offer free headers for your social networks. ;)

Dylan Sprouse France is open!

Welcome to Dylan Sprouse France, your first and only fansource dedicated to the american actor and model Dylan Sprouse. I invite you to check the fansite out as well as the gallery (which is 100% in english). As the site is still new and Dylan is an actor for a long time now, the gallery is not complete but will be, just give it time. I’m also looking for affiliates so if you run a website and you’re interested, don’t hesitate to send a request! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Halle Berry Fan is open

Halle Fan

Halle Berry Fan is open! Your newest and only fansource for everything on actress Halle Berry is finally here. We are online with this temporary version of the site to bring you all the latest updates on Halle! Feel free to visit us daily! We are also looking for site affiliates so feel free to apply! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Visit NOW the site! – Visit NOW the photogallery


Adoring Bella Thorne is open!

Welcome to Adoring Bella Thorne, your newest source dedicated to Bella Thorne. Since the site is still new, it may be missing a few things here and there like photos. Check it out!

Adoring Bella Thorne // Adoring Bella Thorne Gallery

Jenna Dewan France as a new layout !

Hello everyone ! Jenna Dewan France has a brand new layout on the website & the photogallery. Check it out and let us know what you thinkJENNA-DEWAN.COM / JENNA-DEWAN.COM/PHOTOS/ see you soon !

EmWatsonStar has a new look!


Hello! The page was renewed again, the previous one was up for a little over 1 month, but I wasn’t really reconciled to it, so I made another one. This is from Emma’s 2012 series of photos by Alexi Lubomirski. If you’re interested in a wonderful 29-year-old British actress, then give me a look.

Margot Robbie France as a new layout !

Hello everyone ! Margot Robbie France has a brand new layout on the website & the photogallery. Check it out and let us know what you think. ROBBIE-MARGOT.COM / ROBBIE-MARGOT.COM/PHOTOS/ see you soon !

Alexandra Daddario Daily has a new look

Hello everyone !! Alexandra Daddario Daily has a brand new layout, on both website and gallery. Huge thanks to Liliane Visuals for her amazing job. Check it out and let us know what you think. ALEXANDRADADDARIODAILY.NET and ALEXANDRADADDARIODAILY.NET/PHOTOS