Fansite Updates

Kat McNamara Network Has A New Look!

Your best online source for miss Katherine McNamara has a complete new look by the amazing Gemma! Whenever you can, pay us a visit and tell us what you think. You can follow us at @KatMcNamaraNet too!

Lili Reinhart Source is open !

Welcome to Lili Reinhart Source. Your first & only source about Lili Reinhart. She plays Betty Cooper in the new series Riverdale. Latest updates about the actress and photos at
I am also looking for new affiliates, if you want to become one, please apply on the website.

Looking for Affiliates

Mountain View is one of the largest fan sites for singer P!nk. We would like to better associate our self with many more of the amazing fan sites out there. If you would like to become a part of our affiliate program you can go here.

New look at Chloë Sevigny Online!

Pow! Chloë Sevigny Online, the longest running fan site for actress, designer and fashion icon Chloë Sevigny, has a brand new look. Check it out!

KYLIE-JENNER.ORG – has a new look!, your best source for the amazing Kylie Jenner. Here at you will find all the latest news, images, multimedia and so much more on Kylie. We strive to keep all you Kylie Jenner fans updated 24-7. If you have any questions, concerns or donations please contact me and you will get full credit. Again thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Mila Kunis France new look

Hello everyone !! Mila Kunis France has a brand new layout. Check it out and let us know what you think. MILAKUNISFRANCE.NET

Melissa Benoist Hungary is open now!

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Hello Everyone! Melissa Benoist Hungary, your newest source for Melissa Benoist  is open. Here you can find regular updates, videos, a large photogallery  and so much more on Melissa.


Alan Walker Poland


First fansite of Alan Walker is open! Fansite in in polish language, but we try do all for open english version!

We looking for people who wants help me in making this fansite!

Check our web! And our official facebook page!

New look on NarniaKronikai.Hu

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The first Hungarian Chronicles of Narnia fansite just got a new look. I worked on it a lot and I hope you like it. (:

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit on the site and you’ll come back soon (:

WordPress 4.7.1 – Upgrade Mandatory!!!

Dear users,

we are receiving more and more emails from you regarding websites which have been infected. As far as we know, it is a global issue which also affects other hosts. The issue only concerns these websites which have not yet upgraded their WordPress scripts to version 4.7.1. This means that all WordPress scripts older than this version are vulnerable to hacking.

We do kindly ask you to upgrade all your WordPress scripts at your accounts. If your website has already been infected, please follow the steps below or simply contact us. To check whether your website has been infected or not, go to Google and type your url. If you see Japanese signs instead of a website description, this means that your website has been infected.

How to remove a virus from your website?

1. Download the latest version of WordPress > and unzip it at your computer.
2. Remove “wp-admin” and “wp-includes” directories from your FTP account.
3. Upload all files from the WordPress script downloaded (refer to step 1) and overwrite all files, if necessary.
4. Remove the “sitemap.xml” file from the “public_html” directory and a Google verification file (e.g. google485732784375843534.html).
5. Remove a directory marked by the series of signs (e.g. 520dce8b905e) from your “wp-content/plugins” directory.
6. Edit the “.htaccess” file (you can find it in “public_html”) and remove all information from it. Afterwards, paste the code available at this website: (basic WP).
7. Log into your WordPress and change passwords for all administrators.
8. Install the following plugins: Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall. Scan your “wp-content” directory. The plugin should detect all infected functions.php file for each theme. Clean the files with the plugin.
9. Log into Google Webmasters > Users and service owners and remove the email address which does not belong to you (e.g. To do that, go to Manage service owners > Cancel verification.
10. Remove sitemap added by a virus (go to Indexing > Sites Map).
11. Generate a new sitemap (e.g. you can do that at and add it to Google Webmasters. To fasten the indexation in Google, download it as Google (section: Indexing).

If you come across any difficulties with upgrading your WordPress scripts or you noticed suspicious files, simply e-mail us. Thank you.