Fansite Updates – is back!

Hello guys! Finally Beautiful Kristen Bell is back!
Now the site has a new owner and you will find a lot of interesting information, photos and videos related to Kristen, hope you enjoy!
Also dont forget visit our gallery, where I at the moment upgrate photoshoots in HQ :) Welcome back Bell’s lovers :)

Freida Pinto Fan is back!

Guys, after so many months with any update, the Freida Pinto Fan (since 2009 – Your best source for the actress Freida Pinto) is back, with 2 new webmaster: Jenny and Julia.

We hope that you enjoy, dont forget to follow  their instagram account!

If you have intersting in be  partner with elite, just send a e-mail to us:


New Version For Supernatural Central

Hello, I present the new version for the Site about @SupernaturalCen. I really would like to thank @flauntnu & @Lilianne815 for free design for Flaunt. Soon for new information on Supernatural.


Supernatural Central | Supernatural Central Photogallery | Twitter

Priyanka Chopra France has a new look

Hi everyone! Priyanka Chopra France has a brand new look with a photoshoot of Priyanka from 2016, thanks to extrasflaunt & Lilianne!

Feel free to visit my website, hope you enjoy!

Sasha Pieterse Hungary is open

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Hey everybody!

My first fansite was opened in February. But now, it is ready to show itself for you. Your page can be my affilietes it dosn’t matter, that it’s hungarian, france, german, spanish or anything, just write on my chatbox.

XoXo; Alison


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Margot Robbie France has a new layout !

Hello Everyone! Margot Robbie France : has a new layout ! Thanks to Lilianne & Flaunt for Extras. I hope you like it ! See you soon guys!

Katherine McNamara Hungary | New Layout


Katherine McNamara Hungary has a brand new design! Thanks to LindaDesign for this. Check it out!

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Katherine McNamara Hungary | Twitter | Facebook

Riverdale-fan.Com is finally open!

RIVERDALE-FAN.COM  your daily resource about Riverdale is finally open!. If you like this exciting series , visit the daily fansite about Riverdale. I’ll provide you latest news, synopsis, photos, video every day!

Adoring Benzo’s New Look!

Your best source for miss Ashley Benson, Adoring Benzo, has a complete new look! I call it pretty in pink, it features Benzo’s “Find Your California” shoot taken in Puerto Rico and it’s definitely incredible. Also we have a complete new domain, which is pretty exciting!

Visit our site & enjoy this amazing new version!


SelenaMGomez France | New layout

Hello! SelenaMGomez France has a brand new design! Thanks to Designtopia for this. Check it out!