Fansite Updates

New Layout For Dream Of GaGa

Dream Of GaGa got a new website layout which features Lady GaGa’s photoshoot from “The Fame” album back in 2008. created the header as well as he coded the whole theme as well… Hope you enjoy the new spring fresh layout!

New Layout At Harry Styles Fan

Yes! Finally, has a new layout! It was made by the lovely and talented Skyler. We hope that you will carry on visiting the site. Also, HSF has some new pages for you! There’s the media page, with loads of fan-art, icons, wallpapers; an interact page with loads of fun stuff, like puzzles or quizzes; a magazine, which is still coming soon!

New Layout At Maggie Q Daily

It’s all brand new and better at Maggie Q Daily! Your #1 ultimate and leading fansource for the walking beauty, Maggie Q, has just been renovated with this new design. The addition of Maggie’s words for MQD is on to the top of the site, and the navigation is user friendly. Also, the colours and photos are sharper and stands out better than the previous one. We hope you like it as much as we do, and please check it out at the site here, Leave us your opinions on the layout and you can also vote on our polls on the sidebar!

Visit RobPattitude.Com

Robpattitude, a Robert Pattinson fansite, is back and better. We’ve added a new layout and have expanded our website. Go to and check out all the updates. Enjoy!

Kristen Stewart Daily Is Back

Kristen Stewart Daily was adopted by owners, it was revamped, it has brand new design at main site and gallery, new sections and everything up to date! As we do in we will be doing some interactive things as auctions, giveaways and contest! Stay tuned for the next one!

Visit LetMeSign.Com, a Robert Pattinson fansite online since June 2009, is now hosted at Flaunt Network with a new design for the main site and gallery, plus new sections! We love to do interactive things as auctions, giveaways and contest regularly, so stay tunned to win awesome stuff!

Lady Gaga Birthday Project 2012

Lady Gaga’s birthday is on the way and as every year we’re celebrating it in our dreamy style! Mother Monster, if you read this, we suggest you turn away now!! Fans, supporters, visitors: listen up!

This year Dream Of Gaga is collaborating with the beloved and some other subdomains of Dream Of Gaga in order to celebrate all together a very special future date, which is March 28.The day that Lady gaga was born and little monsters were going to be without a doubt her kingdom!

And now let’s get straight to the point. Our plan for Gaga’s 26th birthday gift is as follows in the below special birthday page!

Win A Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush

How many of you hate brushing your teeth? Well with the Justin Bieber singing tooth brush which has 2 hit songs from him. You’ll wanna brush your teeth every day while listening to him. Let’s give you some rules, and steps on how to enter this amazing contest first you must have a parent approval if your under 18 before entering, we must receive an email saying they allow you to join. Make sure they also send your twitter username, and email so well know. Second you must be follow us on Twitter. Third you must tweet “Join’s Latest Givaway Contest! WIN A SINGING JUSTIN BIEBER TOOTHBRUSH. –“. The very last thing you must do is send the application that is below to

1. Full name:
2. Email address:
3. Location:
4. Twitter username:
5. Twitter link to tweet:
6. Why do you wanna win?:
7. Why do you like
8. Why are you a Justin Bieber fan?:
9. Questions?:

Once all that is taken care of we will put your name into a drawling. We will pick a member in mid March. So we are giving you tons of time, if we choose you and you didn’t follow one of the steps. We will pick someone else. This contest is for all ages, and is shipped worldwide. Enjoy! Good luck!

Adoring Emma Bell Is Online

The newest and first source about actress Emma Bell (Final Destination 5, The Walking Dead) is open now! You can go on and check out the all updates. Visit the site and enjoy!

Kristin Bauer Fan Newest Layout

Kristin Bauer Fan, your fansite resource about Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam of True Blood) have now a new gallery and site layout! Made by the owner Gerline, the new theme is the photoshoot taken by Kimberly Millard. For 2012, much news will come soon. Stay tuned on or!