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Austin Mahone Fan Site: Help Needed!

As the tile explains it all, we need a few members to work on and keep it the best Austin Mahone Fan Site that Mahomies want to come to. Please make sure you have experience with both WordPress and Coppermine Photo Gallery as well as with html/php before you send in a application to us at Your application must be fully completed, meaning that you have to answer EVERY blank.

  • Full name: ____________________________________________________________
  • E-mail (where we can best contact you): _______________________________________
  • Are you familiar with WP and CPG?: __________________________________________
  • Will you update on a regular basis?: __________________________________________
  • What is WordPress? (verification question): ____________________________________
  • What is Coppermine Photo Gallery? (verification question): _________________________
  • Why do you love Austin Mahone?: ____________________________________________
  • What do you think of Austin’s new single?: ______________________________________
  • Why should we let you work on Austin Mahone Daily?: _____________________________
  • Have you ever worked on a fansite before? If no skip, if so what’s the URL?: _______________
  • What is Austin’s fan base called? (trivia question): ________________________________
  • If you are accepted, what would you like as your username?: ___________________________

VanessaHQ.Com Is Officially Open!

I know it’s been long over but the site is finally open and I am currently working on adding images into the gallery. It will take me some time since I just am now getting started but I have been saving the photos for a while so it should be enough to go into the gallery. So be sure to check us out and the theme will be in the gallery once I reach 1,000+ photos or more. I also have to find someone to do it so sit back and enjoy the site, the layout was done by Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for information on Miss Vanessa. I am still currently working on a few things for the site but all the links are working for you to browse through.

Knightley-Keira.Com Is Finally Open!, your newest fan source dedicated to to the beautiful and talented actress Keira Knightley, is now open! Here you can find all the latest news, high quality images, multimedia and so much more on Keira and her projects.

Grant Gustin Web Is A Little Bit Different & Needs Co-Workers And Affiliates!

Hello there! I just adopted and I just turned it all around and changed the layout on the main site and the gallery, and even better! Please, we need co-workers, if you want to work with me just email me at with the subject “Co-Worker.” If you want to be an affiliate, just send an email with the subject “Affiliates” to! Thanks guys!

Darren Criss Brasil Is Now Open And Needs Affiliates!

Hi there! I just want to let you guys know that I just opened this fansite and I really want this to work, so if you want to be an affiliate please apply! If you want to donate, icons, or anything just email me at admin[at]! Thank you.

JustinDrewDaily.Com & JasmineVillegas.Org Need Staff!

Hi! I’m the owner of JustinDrewDaily.Com and JasmineVillegas.Org. I am looking for some staff to help me keep the websites running. I also want them to get bigger and better like they used to be, so if you are interested in helping me with this, such as adding news, photos, videos please email me at and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you.

Harry Styles Fan Is Looking For Co-Owners!

Harry Styles Fan is looking for some co-owners! There is almost no rules apart from the fact you have to know how to use at least WordPress or Coppermine. If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, then please inbox the admin at with your name and possibly any other websites you own and we will make sure to get back you too as soon as we can!

New Theme At Charlize Theron Daily

Thanks to Kalaye from Deep Dream Designs, Charlize Theron Daily has these great new matching layouts!

New layout At Ultimate-Lovato.Com

After some time of hard work in getting the layout done, we have now completely finished this wonderful theme. Make sure to check it out at Ultimate-Lovato.Com!

Deep Dream Designs Is Now Open!

Come visit Deep Dream Designs for cheap HQ web designs!

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