Fansite Updates has a new look!, your first hungarian website about Nickelodeon, Disney channel, Foxkids and Jetix have a new look! If you want to check out, click here! And don’t forget to tell us your opinion about the website!

Please Be Patient!

We have been receiving numerous fansite applications and emails since the last two or three days. We are not able to reply to all of them at once, but we will reply to all queries for sure. Please be patient with us as we are extremely busy with transfering websites from Starszz / Fan-Sites.Org. Thank you for your patience.

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DemiLovato.Us has a new look

DEMILOVATO.US, your No. 1 Hungarian source about the amazing singer and actor Demi Lovato has a new layout! If you want to be updated about her and don’t want to miss the news, then visit us daily, and follow us on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER page as well.

Emily-Osment.Us is re-opened!

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Emily-Osment.Us is your first Spanish Source about the actress Emily Jordan Osment, most known as Lilly at “Hannah Montana” or as Gabi at the new TV Series “Young & Hungry“. Here we will provide you with the latest news, updates & photos of Emily+500 photos on the PhotoGallery at the moment (More Coming Soon). If you don’t understand Spanish, you can use Google Traductor too!

We are looking for new affiliates and new co-owners! (For be a co-owner, you have to know Spanish language). If you are interested, don’t forget to contact us at:

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Disneyweb is reopened!

Hey Guys! The Disneyweb is reponed! New look. Every day news on Disneyweb! Follow us! Thank you :)

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Seyfried Brasil, is the largest, single, best and most updated source on the actress Amanda Seyfried in Brazil and is newly designed. If you want to check out, click here! The gallery Seyfried Brasil currently has over 10,000 pictures of the actress. The website is looking for new partners who are interested get in touch by Twitter or Facebook

New Version for Gallifrey Who

Hello, I present the new version for the Site and the Gallery. Soon for new information on Doctor Who.

Miley-Source.Com Has New Themes


Miley-Source.Com, your best and number #1 source about the talented singer and actress Miley Ray Cyrus has a whole new themes on the main site and photo gallery! Visit us for the latest news and photos about Miley, and follow us on Facebook.

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Logan Lerman Hungary has a new look!

Logan Lerman Hungary, your first hungarian fansite about the famous american actor has a brand new design! If you want to check out, click here! And don’t forget to tell us your opinion about the website! If you like Logan and the page, follow us on Twitter and Facebook too!

Catriona Balfe Web now open

Caitriona Balfe Web, your high quality and new source for all things Caitriona Balfe related, is now open. You may know Caitriona from Starz’s TV series ‘Outlander’ where she plays Claire Randall. Next year, she will star in ‘Money Monster’ alongside famous actors like Julia Roberts and George Clooney. We aim to provide you all the latest news and images on Caitriona Balfe! We are accepting affiliates so be sure to apply! We hope we’ll see you soon.