Looking For Affiliate

Hi everyone

As you can see I am looking for affiliates if you want to become one click on this link below:

Click Here

Or you can click here if the thumbnail picture link doesn’t work: http://shanefilansurrey.flaunt.nu/be-come-an-affiliate/


I have a couple of rules and they are:

1. I am preferably looking for English sites only.
2. You must be a site owner of a singer, song writer or done a site for a band. (I am not looking for any actors or actresses yet I will let you know about that on my website)
3. You can contact me through the form or if that don’t work there’ll be other ways you can contact me when I get time to put that down on my website.
4. Your site must be a safe guarding website and have no bugs or malware linked to it or that wont be accepted on my site if it has any of those bugs I listed.

I hope you all enjoy your stay.



The Webmistress