Welcome Back To Rihanna World ! The Ultimate World of Rihanna ! We were formerly known as RihannaWorld.Org but now are back as TheRihannaWorld.com ! So welcome the brand new Rihanna World. The design is made by one of our favorite designers La Victoire ! They made this amazing layout using Rihanna’s Balmain photoshoot and 032c photoshoot ! We also have a new layout on our photo gallery RihannaUniverse.com made by the same designer ! The layout features photos from Rihanna’s photo album from Greece etc.. We hope you like it as much as we do and continue to visit us daily !





Union J France is open !

Welcome to Union J France, the only french source about the british band Union J. You can follow the actuality of the boys (photos, interviews, videos…). We are currently updating the gallery because there is still loads and loads of photos to add since The X Factor. You can contact us if you have any question and we will try to answer as soon as possible. We hope to see you soon!

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Kerry-WashingtonFan.Us Back with a Whole New Look!

Kerry Washington Fan finally released our new more right to the Kerry Edition Layout!

I am happy to release that the new layout and it features a more inviting look with all the #scandal related headlines at top in a convenient post slider and the responsive navigation with our new offical logo below and a professional white box below featuring new photos on the left and new videos on the right and the not scandal related Kerry Washington related post on the middle and this website layout is responsive so grab your devices (Ipads, Iphones, Androids) so you can still keep updated with a fast easy to navigate site, & lets not forget a matching gallery theme.

Please go here to enjoy the new gallery look – View

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Thank you and hope you enjoy the site!

ASAP Rocky Daily Website & Gallery Is Back!

The biggest and greatest fan ran A$AP Rocky fansite is back and bigger than before! The official website asaprockydaily.com and the gallery asaprockydaily.com/gallery both have brand spanking new looks!

The website will now be updated daily and the gallery has over 1000+ photos (450 HQ) and more are being added daily! Check out asaprockydaily.com for the latest news on A$AP Rocky. Make sure you visit the website!

Also make sure to follow A$AP Daily on Twitter and Youtube.


We are happy to announce that ImageMagick has been successfully installed on all servers. Therefore, feel free to test it if you wish. In case of any problems, do not hesitate to email us. Good luck with ImageMagick!

Important Information: Coppermine Upgrade Mandatory

Dear Users,

the newest version of Coppermine Gallery (1.4.27) has been released, which is why you need to upgrade your scripts as soon as possible. Older versions of the script involve a lot of bugs which allow hackers to log into your account and delete all files. Check your galleries and upgrade your scripts so as to prevent your fansites from being hacked.

Do not forget to upgrade other scripts you use such as WordPress.

Upgrade Your Coppermine

We have upgraded circa 80 Coppermine galleries today. If you have not upgraded your Coppermine yet, please do it as soon as possible or email us and we will do it for you. With your script upgraded, your files and database are safe. Please provide us with your domain/subdomain every time you contact us.

Coppermine – Security Release (1.4.26) – Upgrade Mandatory

Dear users,

if you utilize Coppermine Gallery, do upgrade it to the 1.4.26 version as soon as possible otherwise your gallery may be hacked. Older versions of the scripts have a lot of bugs which is why hackers are able to get access to the Coppermine and hack databases.

If you upgraded your gallery to 1.4.26 but your version of the Stramm is 1.4.24, you are still vulnerable to hacking. The newer version of Stramm is available so do upgrade right now.

You should also make a backup of all your databases. If you cannot upgrade your gallery on your own, please contact us and we will do it for you.

Coppermine Security Release – Upgrade Mandatory

All users are kindly asked to upgrade their Coppermine galleries due to their recently discovered vulnerability. The Coppermine development team has released a security update for Coppermine and the upgrade to 1.4.23 version is mandatory to all users. If you are not able to upgrade a gallery on your own, please contact the support staff at flaunt.nu@gmail.com and we shall do it for you.

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Mandatory Stramm Upgrade

The newest version of Stramm (an addition to the Coppermine gallery) has been finally released and all users are kindly asked to upgrade it. This plugin can be downloaded here.