Candy Cola is back!

Hi everyone! Candice King Network – formerly known as Candy Cola – is back with a new owner and domain! I’ve been working behind the scenes with stuff like reorganizing the gallery because it was a bit of a mess for my perfectionist tendencies and I wanted to restructure it but keep the great content it already had. It will be a while before I get everything transferred over to the new gallery because there’s so much to move but you can still explore the old one in the meantime where all the photos will remain until the transfer is complete.

As you can tell, the site was renamed as well as given a new URL. The reason for this is because Candice does go by her married name now so I thought it was only appropriate to do so. I’ve also created a new Twitter and Tumblr for the site so make sure you follow us there for all the latest updates!

I hope you enjoy what I bring to the site as much as you enjoyed all the wonderful work the former owner Summer did over the past couple years. If there are any glitches, dead links, etc. you can contact me here. Thank you!