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Females: (Anna Chancellor) (Anne-Marie Nicholson) (Billie Lourd) (Cheryl) *** (Emily VanCamp) (Emma Watson) *** (Gina Rodriguez) *** (Jena Malone) *** (Kristen Stewart) (Mackenzie Rosman) (Maxine Peake) (Rihanna) (Meryl Streep) (Skyler Samuels) (Stella Maeve) *** (Tatiana Maslany) *** (Zelda Williams) (Zoe Saldana) ***

Males: (Chris Evans) (Chris Wood) *** (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) *** (Jackson Rathbone) *** (Matthew McConaughey) *** (Norman Reedus) (Randy Orton) (Sam Hunt)


Movies / TV Shows: (Shadowhunters) *** (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) *** (The X-Files) ***


So Sugary galleries: (One Direction) *** (Beth Phoenix / Elizabeth Kocianski) *** (Kelly Kelly / Barbara Blank) *** (Velvet Sky / Jamie Szantyr) *** (Taryn Terrell) ***

*** means that the full content is included.